Project Moca aka Outlook Spaces

Wow, long time no talk, I just recently became a father to a 36-day old son. hence my absence, but anyway during my absence, there has been a lot exciting stuff happening in the Microsoft world. Ignite2020 was one of the larger happenings where they announced their One Outlook Vision which made me think of “Outlook Spaces” that was announced just a month before Ignite. While it’s excellent to have the same experience throughout any platform, which basically is what the vision is all about. I felt that they are possibly somewhat overlapping each other, and the vision quickly gets blurred out.

So, Outlook Spaces or Project Moca as it’s neatly currently named. I would prefer if we called it “Moca” as it’s nothing like Outlook and can easily be confused with that otherwise.

First to get your hands on the functionality in project Moca, one needs to activate it in the Outlook Web App Policy, which by default is called “OwaMailboxPolicy-Default”.  I would recommend you to create a new policy if you’re going to enable Project Moca. That way you could more rollout Moca in a more controlled enviorment for those who’d and not force it upon every one with the default policy. So something like this.


New-OwaMailboxPolicy MocaPolicy
Set-OwaMailboxPolicy MocaPolicy -ProjectMocaEnabled $true
# Add the new policy to desired mailboxes
Set-CASMailbox <UserPrinciPalName> -OwaMailboxPolicy MocaPolicy

Note* If you’ve made changes to the default policy, they will not follow with the new policy you created. It includes the same settings as the original/unchanged default policy.

Outlook Web App – “Project Moca” located under the three dots at the bottom of the mailbox.

When you Project Moca you will get redirected to a new site that look something like this.

Hey Sebastian, Hold your horses, are you jumping on a topic where most people doesn’t even know what you’re talking about?

Sorry, I’m getting a bit ahead of my self. Let us start from the beginning, shall we?
Every day we’d like to be more productive, but one rarely manages, as several factors are playing in.
There are a few people I know of that has control of their entire day, they have everything written down and knows in accuracy what’s happening during the day. Now, everyone doesn’t like working that way, I for one, does not, but it doesn’t hurt to take a piece of that cake and get a little more organised in your everyday.

This is were Project Moca comes in, which is a personal productivity module for your outlook web app (OWA). So lets continue where we left off. The start page shows you a summary of what Project Moca is “Organise everything you need for projects, trips, and other activities on a convenient canvas.” and also some templates for “weekly plan”, “project plan”, “school plan”, “meal plan” and “personal wellness”. Clicking these templates lets you create a collection of tasks and information to help you on your daily journey. It will make suggestions based on the keywords you applied to the template of choice.

Once you’ve hit Create you get a workspace with a some prefilled canvases also based on the people associated with the project and keywords you specified. Now you can drag from the left menu and drop any place to create a new canvas.

I’ve added common contacts in the bottom of the project and some information regarding this project along with a slot on items I’m waiting on and items that are in progress currently.

In the upper left corner you can see which spaces currently is active, and pressing the button lets you switch between your all your available spaces at any time. In the same menu you are able to add a new workspace

In the upper left corner you can see which spaces currently is active, and pressing the button lets you switch between your all your available spaces at any time. In the same menu you are able to add a new workspace

I figure this is quite neat to have if you have a lot of project running side by side, let us say you have a follow-up meeting where you discuss where you are at what are we waiting for and what are we working on? Well, now I have all of that in one space, and I can easily bring that specific project space and see how far we’ve come and what we are currently working on.

Let me know if you’re using Project Moca and how is it affecting your productivity. Please share some of your spaces, would be fun to see what people come up with also if you’ve read this far, I’d like to thank you for sticking to it. Hope this was helpful in any way even if it was how you activate it, till next time. Bye

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