Use Word Mail Merge to send bulk email messages

Did you know that you could use your Microsoft 365 Office Word license to send a bunch of emails to your colleagues? Not? Well then, continue to read to find out how!

In Word under the Ribbon button “Mailings“, there is another button called “Start Mail Merge” then Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard…

Mailings -> Start Mail Merge -> Step-by Step Mail Merge Wizard

Now in the Office Word application, a new ribbon pops up on the right side. Select “E-mail messages” then Click “Next: Select starting document” at the bottom.

Now you get to choose whether you’d like to Use the current documentStart from a template or start from existing document Selecting the second option you get the opportunity to download templates from Office Templates or if you already have one downloaded/created you can browse to that one as well.

So when you’ve made your choice and clicked “Next: Select recipients” you can choose who you’d like this email to get delivered too. I decided to select “Type a new list” and named it users.mdb once I filled in everything, the choice automatically jumped over to “Use an existing list.”

Now it’s time to compose the email. Click OK in the above pop-up window and select “Next: Write your email message“. Currently under “Greeting Line…” you can choose how you’d like to greet the person specified in the above step “Recipient“.

The first section is to whom you’re sending the email to, and the second part is for people whom it might not find the required information to complete the Greeting line.

Now we’re nearly finished, in the next step you can choose to look at each email before sending it to the recipient. You can do that by clicking the arrows on the left or right side of Recipient 1. Once satisfied, you go to the next step and select “Electronic Mail…” Here you will be able to specify the Subject, Email format & Which field you’d like to use to send the message too.


This Tool / Feature is excellent, We tend to go for a more “less code” attitude more and more. I’ve noticed that this trend has increased the last year immensely.Which I somewhat enjoy, I mean, I’m an Admin with some necessary coding skills, I’m far away from being to do all these beautiful menus for a sophisticated system like this. Nuff said. I want to say thanks for coming by and reading this far. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any, and I’ll be happy to answer them

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