Exchange Online Protection – Handler

Are you like me? Do you want to bring the admin rights to the end-users without giving them too much access?

We started receiving a lot of requests to add or remove IP/Mail-Addresses & Domains from EOP whitelists/blacklists. So I developed a Tool where the end-user fills in a form in the self-service portal located in Service Now.

The above form gets populated by the end-user, then the security officer for that specific region gets informed of the request. If this request then gets approved, the code picks it up and handles it. Too actually get the information from the form, I created a ServiceNow Function called “Use-SnowRestAPI“.

Once we’ve executed the Action (Add Whitelist in this case See above form) an email is sent to the requester with information about the outcome of the automated process.

All the functions for the script are available on GitHub <HERE> I’m not able to share the entire code as there is some customer-specific information in there, so if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Also, check back from time to time, maybe I’ll upload a cleaned version of the entire script that doesn’t include any customer information.

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