Convert UnixTime To Local Time

Note To Self. I know that this will come in handy for someone even if I won’t receive a “Thanks”… At least I will know that I have done this here and can comeback to my own epic blog when in need of something this easy but incredible time consuming codesnippet.#Powershell #UnixTime #ConvertTo-LocalTime

Error handling on a professional level.

Hey everyone, Long Time No Talk… I’ve been super busy with a bunch of projects along with our new house. Anyway, a very close colleague of mine, got bored of all the types of anomalies one can get when gathering stats from different O365 sources or automating different business processes. So he built a function […]

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

Download the best Firefox-extension <here> Firefox Multi-Account Containers makes it possible to sign in to different accounts in the same browser just by creating a new Tab and selecting in what container you’d like to open it with. With this Add-on I can utilise the same browser for all my Azure activity on all my […]

My Journey to Power BI Event Auditing

I want to write a blog post explaining the correct way, so you do not have to endure my troubled journey to start gather information from Event activities through Power BI API. Note* When using Operation Group ‘Admin’. Make sure to have a PowerBI licensed account with either PowerBI Administrator or Global Administrator access at […]

PowerBI Audit Logs with API

Yesterday a project started where we wanted to gather PowerBI ActivityEvents through Microsoft PowerBI API with a ServicePrincipal. Like always, I created an Application in Azure, saved the ClientID & Created a SecretID and gave it the right permissions; in this case, PowerBi Services -> Application Permissions -> Tenant.Read.All.  After that, I used the Code I […]