Download the latest IMG for your Docker Containers

I found it cumbersome to update one container at a time, so I wrote a little snippet to update all my containers in one call. I normally run docker-compose where you just have to stand in the folder where you have your docker-compose.yml file and write docker-compose up -d in this scenario I didn’t have […]

New year means new and exiting adventures…

Recently I have been busy with Power Automate, and I want to tell you all about it. However, I will not do that on this blog any longer. I and some friends have started a collaboration, we’ve recently gone live with, and I will write my professional posts on there. But, fear not! I will […]

Project Moca aka Outlook Spaces

Wow, long time no talk, I just recently became a father to a 36-day old son. hence my absence, but anyway during my absence, there has been a lot exciting stuff happening in the Microsoft world. Ignite2020 was one of the larger happenings where they announced their One Outlook Vision which made me think of “Outlook Spaces” […]

Configure Office365 as a Service Provider in a federation and use Fortinet as Identity Provider. @Fortinet #fortinet #SAML @Office365 #federation @AzureSupport #cloud #cloudsecurity # #fortinet

Hi, a hole different topic today. On the table is federation. In this case we want a third party solution to handle authenticate to Office365. Then we can control all the login function in our own product. Federation talks a specific language that is called SAML ( Security Assertion Markup Language ).More information regarding SAML […]

Use Word Mail Merge to send bulk email messages

Did you know that you could use your Microsoft 365 Office Word license to send a bunch of emails to your colleagues? Not? Well then, continue to read to find out how! In Word under the Ribbon button “Mailings“, there is another button called “Start Mail Merge” then Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard… Now in the Office Word application, […]

Home Assistant – Automate daily chores.

I recently started automating things in our new house, and a colleague of mine recommended me “Home Assistant“, which is a free and open-source home automation software written in Python with a focus on local-control and privacy.  Before I was living in an apartment and therefore didn’t have much to automate except for lights, which […]

Azure Dashboard – Underutilised?

I’ve been working with Office 365 and Azure for about 6 years! I’ve never really used Azure Dashboard, don’t ask me why? It just never happened. I strongly suggest you to try it out. Go to Azure and under General Settings Here you can select Dashboard. Dashboards can be customized to create a workspace designed […]